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Lilac Corners Farm

Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats

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 Welcome to Lilac Corners Farm! We have been raising dairy goats since 1994. What started out as a 4-H project when I was 8 years old, with one unregistered Nubian doe, Sparkle (pictured left), has become a herd of almost fifty goats. Our primary interest is in raising show quality dairy goats. In 2008, I graduated college, got a job, and moved off the farm. The goats still live with my parents on their farm in Slatington, PA and I visit at least weekly. I spend a lot more time at the farm in the spring for kidding and the summer for showing.


I bought my first registered purebred Nubian, Jasperhollow SHF Cream Puff, in 1996 from Jasperhollow Farm. From this foundation doe, I have tried to improve through breedings to bucks from Lynnhaven, Lakeshore Farms, and Starfire Nubians. We are pleased with the progress we have made, with many of the does taking home Best of Breed and Best in Show honors. We have participated in DHIR since 2001 and Linear Appraisal since 2004.

Greatest Achievements:
2013 BEST IN SHOW at the PA State Farm Show in Harrisburg awarded to
Lilac Corners Choclit Muffin!
2012 BEST IN SHOW at the PA State Farm Show in Harrisburg awarded to
SGCH Lilac Corners Choclit Cupcake!
SGCH Lilac Corners Choclit Cupcake

Lilac Corners Farm
Diana Heimbach and Carole Holder
8621 Furnace Rd
Slatington, Pa 18080
610-428-5374 (Diana)
610-760-1412 (Carole)